About Us

We set out to create a company that would provide the best range of Designer bindis, face jewels, Black bindis, Traditional bindis, Temporary body tattoos and much more .

We have a wide range of exotic & exciting designer products like Exotic Body tattoos, Stick on body jewels, Body dots, Rhinestone / Crystal Tattoos/ self adhesive bindis/ face jewels etc.. With a goal to promote complete body decoration globally, we have made unique body jewels which are beautifully and intricately designed. While working we put our heart, soul & brain into what we do. Comet Busters is committed to fulfill its customers requirements for product quality & exclusive workmanship and to provide timely delivery of products as to successfully cater to the buyers requirements. We offer the world, centuries old skill and tradition uniquely combined with modern and contemporary styles.

Our collections of beauty accessories is fashion source for all age groups, they look gorgeous in our body jewels whether they wear them out clubbing, to the beach, or to the prom !